When I set out to look for learning materials on the web, I was initially excited to find so many search results for the language. This excitement quickly faded with the number of 404 - Not Found messages I kept getting on each click of a link. So I've created this space as a repository of resources for learning Anishinaabemowin, or more specifically, Ojibwemowin. With time, I hope it can be of use not just to me, but to others.

Counting in Ojibwe

Ojibwe numbers are quite regular, and once you learn a handful of words, you can easily count.

Gaawiin-gegoo - Zero
Bezhig - One
Niish - Two
Niswi - Three
Niiwin - Four
Naanan - Five
Ningodwaaswi - Six
Niishwaaswi - Seven
Nishwaaswi - Eight
Zhaangaswi - Nine
Midaaswi - Ten

Niizhdana - Twenty
Nisimidana - Thirty
Nimidana - Forty
Naanimidana - Fifty
Ningodwaasimidana - Sixty
Niizhwaasimidana - Seventy
Nishwaasimidana - Eighty
Zhaangasimidana - Ninety
Ngodwaak - One Hundred

Midaaswaak - One Thousand

Number 11-19, 21-29, 31-39, etc. are easy to create. All that is needed is a "shi" between the 10 and (1-9) for number 11-19, or between 20 and (1-9) for 21-29, etc.


midaaswi shi baanan - 15,
nimidana shi Niish - 47,
and so on.


  1. What would 1,000,000 be?

    1. midaaswaak dasing midaaswaak
      (Baraga's dictionary)
      gichi midaaswaak
      (Wilson's dictionary)

  2. According to our dialect:
    2 is Niizh
    7 is Niizhwaaswi
    You can look it up on The Ojibwe People's Dictionary


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