When I set out to look for learning materials on the web, I was initially excited to find so many search results for the language. This excitement quickly faded with the number of 404 - Not Found messages I kept getting on each click of a link. So I've created this space as a repository of resources for learning Anishinaabemowin, or more specifically, Ojibwemowin. With time, I hope it can be of use not just to me, but to others.

Food and Drink

The following is a list of common foods and drinks. Plural forms are noted within parentheses.

  • apple(s) mishiimin(ag)
  • bacon giikanaamozigan(ag)
  • bean(s) miskodiisimin(ag)
  • beet miskojiis(an)
  • blueberry(ies) miin(an)
  • bread bakwezhigan(ag)
  • broth wiiyaasaaboo(-)
  • butter doodooshaboo-bimide
  • candy(ies) ziinzibaakwadoons(an)
  • carrot(s) okaadaak(oons)
  • catsup oginii-dagonigan(-)
  • chokecherry(ies) asasawemin(ag)
  • cookie(s) cracker(s) bakwezhigaans(ag)
  • corn mandaamin(ag)
  • cranberry(ies) highbrush aniibimin(an)
  • dried meat (jerky) baate-wiiyaas(-)
  • dumpling(s) napoodin(ag)
  • egg(s) waawan(oon)
  • fry bread zaasokokwaan(ag)
  • grape(s) zhoomin(ag/an)
  • gravy bakwezhiganaaboo(-)
  • grease bimide(-)
  • gum bigiins(an)
  • hominy gijikonayezigan(ag)
  • honey aamoo-ziinsibaakwad(-)
  • ice mikwam(+)
  • ice cream dekaag(-)
  • jello wetotwaag(-)
  • macaroni ziibaaska'igaans(ag)
  • meat wiiyaas(-)
  • onion(s) zhigaagawanzh(iig)
  • orange(s) ozaawi-mishiimin(ag)
  • pea(s) anijimin(an)
  • peanut(s) bagaanens(an)
  • peanut butter bagaanensi-bimide(-)
  • pepper gaawiisagang(in)
  • potato(s) opin(iig)
  • raspberry(ies) miskomin(ag)
  • rutabaga(s) jiis(an)
  • salt zhiiwitaagan(-)
  • soup naboob(-)
  • sugar ziinzibaakwad(-)
  • strawberry(ies) ode'imin(an)
  • syrup zhiiwaagamizigan(-)
  • tomato(s) gichi-ogin(iig)
  • wild rice manoomin(-)

  • beer zhingobaaboo(-)
  • coffee makademashkikiiwaaboo(-)
  • liquor ishkodewaaboo(-)
  • milk doodooshaboo(-)
  • pop waashkobaagamig(in)
  • tea anibiish(-)
  • water nibi(-)

    • cigarette(s) asemaa-opwaagaans(ag)
    • tobacco asemaa(+)

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