When I set out to look for learning materials on the web, I was initially excited to find so many search results for the language. This excitement quickly faded with the number of 404 - Not Found messages I kept getting on each click of a link. So I've created this space as a repository of resources for learning Anishinaabemowin, or more specifically, Ojibwemowin. With time, I hope it can be of use not just to me, but to others.

The body/body parts

Here's a list of common names for body parts. Plural form is noted in parentheses. All names are given with the first person singular possessive pronoun (ni/nin/nii).
  • arm(s) ninik(an)
  • back nipikwan(an)
  • cheek(s) ninow(an)
  • ear(s) nitawag(an)
  • eye(s) nishkiinzhig(oon)
  • face nindengway
  • finger(s) nininjiins(an)
  • foot (feet) ninzid (an)
  • hair niiniizis(an)
  • hand(s) nininj(iin)
  • head nishtigwaan(an)
  • heart ninde'
  • knee(s) ningidig(wag)
  • leg(s) nikaad(an)
  • mouth nindoon(an)
  • nose ninjaanzh(an)
  • skin ninzhaga'ay(-)
  • stomach nimisad(an)
  • tongue nindenaniw(an)
  • tooth niibid(an)

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