When I set out to look for learning materials on the web, I was initially excited to find so many search results for the language. This excitement quickly faded with the number of 404 - Not Found messages I kept getting on each click of a link. So I've created this space as a repository of resources for learning Anishinaabemowin, or more specifically, Ojibwemowin. With time, I hope it can be of use not just to me, but to others.

Family Members

Relatives are animate nouns that take a possessive prefix to indicate which relative they belong to, such as my, your, his, etc. They cannot be used without this possessive prefix.

See examples below.

  • baabaayinaan - grandfather
  • maamaanaan - grandmother
  • baabaa - father
  • maamaa - mother
  • gozis - son
  • daanis - daughter
  • saye - older brother
  • mise - older sister
  • shiime - younger sibling
  • imoshenh - cousin (Male to Female)
  • taawis - cousin (Male to Male)
  • daangoshenh -cousin (Female to Female)
  • zhishenh - uncle (maternal)
  • mishoome - uncle (paternal)


ni- (nin-, nind-) - Added to Indicate that relatives are mine.
gi- (gid-) - your; Added to Indicate that relatives are your.
o- (od-) with -an ending - his or her. Added Indicate that relatives belong to him or her.

ningozis (my son)
gigozis (your son)
ogozisan (his/her son)

nibaabaa (my father)
gibaabaa (your father)
obaabaayan (his/her father)


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