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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pimsleur Ojibwe Summary, Lessons 11-20

Just as I've done for Lessons 1-10, I've compiled a short list of all grammatical parts we've learned so far in Lessons 11-20. Again, the brown text is what we've actually learned through the Pimsleur course, noted with the lesson number, and the text in green is new vocabulary and example sentences I've added. Hopefully I'm able to show how easily a Pimelsur course can be augmented, without all that much extra work. Each lesson's supplementary material needed maybe a half hour more of time each day to compile and practice.

Here's what we learned in lessons 11 through 20:

gichi- - great, very, big, a lot, Talk about the weather
oshki- - new, Lesson 15, Supplement
daa- - should; might; would, Lesson 16
gaa- -will; shall; should, Lesson 16

ando- - go and do [something], Lesson 19, Supplement
booni- - stop [doing something], Lesson 19, Supplement

maagizhaa - maybe, perhaps, Lesson 11
zhebaa - this [past] morning, Lesson 13
waabang - tomorrow; dawn; morning, Lesson 13
waabang gigizheb - tomorrow morning, Lesson 13
gigizheb - morning; early morning, Lesson 13
ishkwaa- - after; completed; end of..., Lesson 13
jibwaa- - before, Lesson 13, Supplement
dibikak - dark; tonight, Lesson 14
ishkwaa-dibikak - after dark, Lesson 14, Supplement
jibwaa-dibikak - before dark, Lesson 14, Supplement

giishpin - if, Lesson 14, Supplement
aazha - already, Talk about the weather
megwaa - right now, Talk about the weather

minik - amount, Lesson 16
bijiinango - yeaterday, Basic past tense (VAI)
dibikong - last night, Basic past tense (VAI)

akawe - first; first of all, Lesson 19

gego - don't, Lesson 19, Supplement
ambe - come, come on, Lesson 20

asemaa - tobacco, Lesson 12
maamaanaan - grandmother, Lesson 12

bakwezhigan - bread, Lesson 12, Supplement
doodooshaaboo-bimide - butter, Lesson 12, Supplement
waawan/waawanoon - egg/eggs, Lesson 12, Supplement
gitigaanens/gitigaanensan - vegetable/vegetables, Lesson 12, Supplement

baabaanaan - grandfather (also means father), Lesson 13
niizh - two, Lesson 14
makizin/makizinan - shoe; moccasin, Lesson 15

mazina'igan/mazina'iganan - book, Lesson 15, Supplement
mazinaatesijigan/mazinaatesijiganan - television set, Lesson 15, Supplement
animosh/animoshag - dog, Lesson 15, Supplement
gaazhagens/gaazhagensag - cat, Lesson 15, Supplement
bineshiinh/bineshiinyag - bird, Lesson 15, Supplement

bezhig - one, Lesson 16
nimisenh - my older sister, Lesson 16
waabik - dollar, Lesson 16

gigozis - your son, Lesson 16, Supplement
nindaais - my daughter, Lesson 16, Supplement
obaabaayan - his father, Lesson 16, Supplement

midaaswi - ten, Lesson 17
zhooniyaa - silver; money, Lesson 17
opin/opiniig - potato; tuber, Lesson 18
maamaa - Lesson 18
niswi - three, Lesson 19
niiwin - four, Lesson 19
naanan - five, Lesson 19
ingodwaaswi - six, Lesson 20
niizhwaaswi - seven, Lesson 20

pronouns and demonstratives
wa'aw[e] - this, Lesson 16, Supplement
i'iw[e] - that, Lesson 16, Supplement
ni- - my, Lesson 16, Supplement
gi- - your, Lesson 16, Supplement
o--an - his/hers, Lesson 16, Supplement

naawakwe-wiisini - eat lunch, eat at midday, eat at noon, Lesson 11
naawakwe - be noon, be midday, Lesson 11izhichige - do [SOMETHING], Lesson 12
adaawe - buy, sell, traffic, trade, Lesson 12
niimi'idim - be a pow-wow, Lesson 14
biindige - enter; go in, Lesson 14
miigiwe - present; give, gift, contribute, Lesson 14

maajaa - leave, depart, Lesson 14, Supplement
anwaataa - finish, Lesson 14, Supplement

mino-giizhigad - a good/nice day, Talk about the weather
biiwan - blizzard, Talk about the weather
mizhakwad - clear, Talk about the weather
gisinaa - cold, Talk about the weather
gizhide - hot, Talk about the weather
gimiwan - raining, Talk about the weather
zoogipon - snowing, Talk about the weather
noodin - windy, Talk about the weather
nagamo - sing, Lesson 15, Supplement

biidoon - bring [SOMETHING], Lesson 16
biinaa - bring [SOMEBODY], Lesson 16
biigoshkaa - be broke, Lesson 17
ayaaw - have SOMETHING, Lesson 17
wiijiiw - go with [SOMEBODY], Lesson 19

abi - sit, Lesson 19, Supplement
zaagaam - go outside, Lesson 19, Supplement
giiwe - go home, Lesson 19, Supplement
goshgozi - wake up, Lesson 20, Supplement
gawishimo - lie down, go to bed, Lesson 20, Supplement
zhaaganaashiimo - speak English, Lesson 20, Supplement

Phrases learned in Lessons 11 through 20:

Lesson 11
Giwii-naawakwe-wiisin na?/Niwii-naawakwe-wiisin.
Wegonen waa-minikweyan aniibiishaaboo maagizhaa nibi?

Maagizhaa niwii-babaamose.
Wegonen waa-minikweyan, makade-mashkikiwaaboo maagizhaa doodooshaaboo?

Lesson 12
Niwii-izhichige gegoo.
Aniish waa-izhichigeyan?
Niwii-adaawen gegoo.
Wegonen waa-adaaweyan?
Asemaa niwii-adaawen.

Bakwezhigan niwii-adaawen.
Aaniin ezhichigeyan?

Lesson 13
Aaniish apii wii-niimi'idiwaad?

Oodenaang jibwaa-izhaayaan, niwii-jiibaakwe.
Jibwaa-wiisiniyan, giwii-minikwen gegoo?
Ishkwaa-wiisiniyaan, niwii-nibaa.

Lesson 14
Aaniinidi niimi'iding?
Aaniish apii wii-biindigewaad?
Wii-miigiwewag na?/Wii-miigiwewag.

Ishkwaa-dibikak, aaniish niimi'idiwaad?
Niwii-maajaa jibaa-dibikak.
Jibwaa-waabang, giwii-anwaataa na?
Giishpin giwii-anwataa noongom, aaniish waa-izhichigeyan waabang?

Talk about the weather
Gichi-gisinaa noongom.
Wii-gimiwan dibikak.
Wii-zoogipon waabang.
Gimiwan minawaa.
Geyaabi gimiwan.
Megwaa gimiwan.
Megwaa gichi-zoogipon.
Maagizhaa wii-gizhide waabang.
Aazha zoogipon.
Wii-zoogipon dibikak.

Lesson 15
Niwii-adaawenan makizinan.
Niwii-adaawenan niizh oshkimazinaatesijiganan.
Animoshag nibaawag.
Gaazhagensag bakaded.
Bineshiinyag nagamod.

Lesson 16
Gidaa-biidoonan makizinan.
Gidaa-biinaa gimisenh.
Ingaa-biinaa na nimisenh?
Aaniish minik?

Awenen wa'aw?
Wegonen i'iw?

Lesson 17
Gidayaawaa na zhooniyaa?/Gaawiin. Imbiigoshkaa.
Indayaawaa zhooniyaa.
Midaaswaabik na gidayaawaa?
Midaaswaabik indaaawaa.

Biigoshkaa? Henh. Gaawiin, odayaanziin zhooniyaa.
Gibaabaa na a'aw? Gaawiin, Nibaabaas aawisii.
Bakwezhigan giwii-adaawen na? Gaawiin, niwii-adaawesii.
Giwii-izhaa na iwidi adaawewigamigong? Gaawiin, Adaawewigamigong ni-wii-izhaasii.

Basic past tense
Gii-gisinaa agwajiing?
Awenen gii-minikweyan makade-mashkikiwaaboo?
Gigii-minikwe zhingobaaboo na?
Gigii-izhaa na iwidi niimi'iding bijiinaago?
Oodenaang nigii-izhaa dibikong.
Gaawiin ningii-izhaasii adaawewigamigong.

Lesson 18
Daga, adaawen opiniig.
Gibakade na?/Henyanh. Imbakade.

Gigiipwiisin na dibikong?/Gaawiin, Nigii-wiisin dinikong.
Giwii-adaawen mazina'igan?/Gaawiin. Azhaa ingii-adaawen mazin'igan.

Lesson 19
Akawe, daga, izhaan adaawewigamig.
Giwii-wiijiiw na?
Akawe, daga, wiisinidaa.


Lesson 20
Gidaa-ojibwem gaye giin.
Ambe, ojibwemodaa.

Gego maajaaken noongom!
Ambe goshkozig!
Ambe, maajaadaa!
Gego zhaaganaashiimoken!

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  1. correcting typos:
    bijiinaago - yeaterday
    nindaanis - my daughter
    Niwii-maajaa jibwaa-dibikak.
    Gaazhagensag bakadewag. (as commented under lesson 15)
    Bineshiinyag nagamowag.


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